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Website by me, Cryptie.
Cave in background by Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin
Neuronns in background by The Thought Emporium on Youtube
Most gifs included in website from Gifcities.org
Some text included in website from cooltext.com

Cool links

Make your own website for free!


ascii art-ify text

make text images

all unicode characters

animated text


make your own gifs

free in-browser photo editor

huge gif repository

another gif repo

cool website

add text/images to gifs

other cool website

official free 3d scans of museum exhibits

video game screenshots

buncha textures

paint a miku

little icons

make stuff look like analog


download touhous free

list of surreal games


free cave story

encouragement that you can make a game

look at videogame maps

a buuuunch of resources from video games


voice synthesizer

free soundfonts

winamp skins

vg music

free midi editor

vg music remixes

info on what video games used to make their sounds

make or edit soundfonts

500 soundfonts that kinds sound the same. takes hours to download

free music software

Any personal sites i find that are not part of the webrings in the next section

good intro to the indie web


most of the popular webrings out there are already listed on sadgrls page, under the "webrings" section. if i find any rings that arent there, ill post them below. if sadgrls site somehow goes down, ill try my best to post the webrings from that repository below. some links may be broken.