Welcome to my website!

Thanks for stopping by to my little corner of the web, so to speak :P

About me

To be honest, I'ts hard to say anything about who I am. I'm really indecisive on what exactly my goal is in life, and I get wrapped up in existential stuff when I try to think about it. I'm trying to get into game development, but im scared I wont have enough motivation to work as hard as everyone else does because, like i said, existential stuff. and also laziness i guess.

I have a bunch of stuff im interested in , mostly just fiction and hobbies. of which ill list here:


ENA, Touhou, Homestuck, Undertale, Deltarune, Serial Experiments Lain, Yume Nikki, Soul Eater, Steven Universe

Fiction I'm Not Crazy About But Still Like

Ranfren Epithet Erased


animation, music, drawing, coding, gaming, writing, voice acting (im a real fanby if you couldn't tell)

Why'd I Make This?

Theres a few reasons, one being that I wanted to learn how to code (though acted on it really late) and thought this would be a good excersize going into it (even theough coding is WAY more complex than HTML im pretty sure)

It also feels kinda freeing to have my own space on the web. I see a lot of people have a lot of trouble with big social media sites and their several toxic users and their stupid unfair rules, and i like the idea of how the internet used to work, with people making their own funny little websites and making their own funny little rules, albeit chaotic as all hell.

Funny Video

Yeah right here

Scary video

dooooont do it. dont!

Video Game